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Sarcoma Clinical and Biological database (Sarcoma BCB)

Sarcomas are rare and heterogeneous tumors (5000 new cases/year in France, with 80 different types), complex to treat. Improving knowledge and patients management requires the sharing of data and biological materials within a national database.

Since 2011, 14 clinical-biological databases (BCB) have been created with the support of the national cancer Institute (link). The national sarcoma database, called Sarcoma BCB, currently collects data from approximately 129 000 patients with sarcoma or intermediate malignancy connective tumor. These data come from sarcoma expert centres.

The Sarcoma BCB contains pathological, clinical, molecular, therapeutic and follow-up information, as well as data on available samples and medical practices. This essential national database represents a major tool for advancing with patient management and improving their treatment.

More detailed information on sarcomas and Sarcoma BCB is available here .

SarcomaBCB applications
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NetSarc : Collect of clinical data on management and MTB of soft tissu, visceral and bone.

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RRePS : Collect of soft tissu and visceral pathological data.

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ResOS : Collect of bone pathological data.

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Conticabase : Collect of clinical data on management and treatment of soft tissu, viscera and bone.

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Studies : SarcomaBCB scientific studies repository.

QDVS : Sarcomas quality of life questionnaires.

Database content overview
  • Patients : 129852
  • Local recurrences : 5925
  • Metastasises : 7796
  • Primary tumours : 131013
  • Systemic ttt lines : 17023
  • RCP : 206517
  • RCP : 206517
  • Paraffins : 35919
  • Frozen tissues : 14395
  • Samples : 115300
  • Immuno-Histochemistry : 25232
  • Molecular cytogenetics : 11523
  • Blood samples : 1121
  • Clinical trial inclusions : 5736